1. Why Now

From the recording Drifters


by Pieta Brown copyright 2012
Woo Jones Music BMI

If I loved you like a woman
Maybe I would be your bride
But I love you like a child
And so my heart is wild
Just like a diamond is a secret
In the hands of a thief
Your light just like an angel
Is the devil in my grief

Why now this way?

I’m not afraid to die
Not afraid to die alone
But it’s hard to say goodbye
Without ever having known
My daddy is a pirate
One look and you will see
And so I would be a traitor
If I ever did get free

Why now this way?

So put a fiddle in the barrel
And listen to that sound
Nobody is playing
It’s just my love coming down
Here comes the captain
A rope in his right hand
So hang a flag for me
When you find your promised land

Why now this way?