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  1. Prayer Of Roses

From the album One And All



Prayer of roses
Prayer so true
Prayer of roses
I’m burning for you

Prayer of roses
Sinner’s delight
I pray to these flowers
You will be alright

I saw you at midnight
Fading away
I held you in my arms
Wishing you would stay

Prayer of roses
Petals and thorns
& the heat on my skin now
Where my shirt is torn

Flowers all around

Colors & circles
Dagger & chain
Prayer of roses
Relieve the pain

If I had a dollar
For every wrong
I’d burn them all tonight
& sing you a song

Flowers all around

Sweet fragrance of roses
Veils & mirrors
I asked for love
You gave me tears…

Prayer of roses
Love to the world
I’m standing before you
My banner unfurled

Prayer of roses
Prayer for my friends
& to my demons
May we make amends

Flowers all around
Flowers all around…