~ Original Artwork by Pieta Brown ~ 
Included as framable insert in Drifters EP

~ Original Artwork by Pieta Brown ~ Included as framable insert in Drifters EP


 Lustre Records 2015
 Produced by Pieta Brown
 Co-Produced by Bo Ramsey
 Recorded and Mixed by BJ Burton
 @ April Base Studio, Wisconsin
 Mastered by Jim Demain
 @ Yes Master, Nashville, TN

All songs by Pieta Brown (Woo Jones Music BMI)

 Pieta Brown: Vocals, Acoustic Guitars, Banjo
 Bo Ramsey: Electric Guitars & Harmony Vocals
 Jon Penner: Bass
 JT Bates: Drums, Percussion
 Michael Rossetto: Electric Banjo
 Davide Mansfield: Pedal Steel, Viola (Why Now This Way)
 Greg Brown: Acoustic Guitar (Goin' Up The Country)
 Iris Dement: Harmony Vocals 
 Constie Brown: Harmony Vocals

These songs were recorded live in one big room during a 20-songs-in-4 & 1/2 days-session at April Base Studio in Wisconsin.  14 songs became my album, Paradise Outlaw released in September of 2014.  And the other 6 songs became these outtakes - these drifters - all held aside for one reason or another. I questioned the mixes on Goin’ Up The Country and Drifter.  And I just questioned Parataxis Blues and Why Now - both experiments in form and both sparked by my ongoing fascination with beat poetry and old folk songs. The remix of Little Swainson by BJ Burton and Justin Vernon didn’t make it onto Paradise Outlaw because the album didn’t end up being a double album, as I had originally imagined.  And Just Slip Away was written in the studio, and recorded as it was coming in.  It was the last thing we recorded on the last day.  Another experiment, that has gone on to become a song I still sing.  After many sweet inquiries at shows from fans about the songs Goin’ Up The Country and Drifter, I decided to go back and listen to these outtakes.  In spite of many rough edges, I heard and felt the openness and the music made.  Offered now with love and hope for more musical experiments everywhere.